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Top 5 Unrealistic Waterfalls – Your Eyes Won’t Believe

What connects you more than anything other than nature! You are always surrounded by some or the other wonder of this universe. It’s well said that our body is made up of 5 elements and water is one among them. There are wonders which are remain untouched by human interference and you would be awestricken by their beauty. So come let’s explore top 5 unrealistic waterfalls which your eyes won’t believe.

1. Jog Falls, Karnataka

Jog Falls

Jog Falls is one among the Top 5 Unrealistic Waterfalls. This waterfall is situated on the Sharavati River located in the Western Ghats near Sagar Taluk of Shivamogga District, Karnataka, India. Jog falls are major attractions for tourists and is ranked 36th in the list of free-falling waterfalls. It is 490th in the world by list of waterfalls by total height, 128th in the list of single-drop waterfalls in the World by the waterfall database. The other name for the beautiful Jog Falls is Gerusoppa Falls. This waterfall discharges itself into the Arabian Sea at Honnavar in Uttara Kannada. This waterfall is well surrounded by walls of mountains and covered under the blanket of nearby forest areas. The sound of the crashing water and essence of flora and fauna will let your eyes close to breathe a while in the moment itself. The destination is well connected by nearest railway stations and bus stations which is nearly 13 km from this beautiful spot. What else can be a perfect gateway from your boring scheduled life!

2. Keoti Waterfalls, Madhya Pradesh

Keoti Falls is one among the Top 5 Unrealistic Waterfalls. Keoti Falls (also pronounced as Kevti) is in Rewa district at the edge of the Chitrakoot Hills in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. The Keoti Falls is situated on the Mahana river, a tributary of Tamsa River as it descends down from the Rewa Plateau. It has a total height of 98 metres (322 ft). World Waterfall Database puts the height of the waterfall at 130 metres (430 ft.). It is a segmented type waterfall with a single drop which is really breathe taking scene to gaze at. The site is well connected by roads offering you to travel by hiring a cab or by local means of transportation.

3.Chitrakote Falls, Chattisgarh

The Chitrakote Falls is one among the Top 5 Unrealistic Waterfalls. The Chitrakote Falls (also said as Chitrakote, Chitrakot, and Chitrakoot) is also commonly known as the “Niagara Falls of India”. It is a natural waterfall on the Indravati River, located approximately 38 kilometres to the west of Jagdalpur, in Bastar district in the state of Chhattisgarh, India. The height of the falls is about 29 metres (95 ft.). It is the widest fall in India, reaching a width of nearly 300 metres (980 ft) during the monsoon season. Just because of its width and its widespread horseshoe shape, it is crowned as the “Niagara Falls of India”. The attraction of tourist plunges the area throughout the year and especially during the monsoons. The view point and the vibrating aura sooths your body and mind completely. It is really a treat to your eyes if you are tired of seeing the concrete jungle all around. The site offers you to get well connected with it by roads and local transportation facilities. Don’t worry! places like such will not leave you disappointed.

4. Athirappilly Falls, Kerala

Athirappilly Falls

Athirappilly Falls is one among the Top 5 Unrealistic Waterfalls. It is situated in Athirappilly Panchayat in Chalakudy Taluk of Thrissur District in Kerala, India on the Chalakudy River. The Athirappily falls originates from the upper shoulders of the Western Ghats at the mouth to the Sholayar ranges. It is the largest waterfall in Kerala, which stands tall at 80 feet. Just a short turn from Athirappilly to the Vazhachal falls, which are covered by dense green forests that are home to many endangered and endemic species of flora and fauna. The river from which this fall has originated, initially runs smoothly but becomes more powerful as it nears Athirapilly. At Athirappilly Falls, the water churns around big rocks and cascades down in three different plumes. The journey to the Athirappilly Falls passes through a landscape of winding roads, small villages and lush green trees. Visitors can reach the top of the waterfall by treking through thick bamboo clusters. A steep narrow path also leads to the bottom of the falls. The falls attract visitors from across India, especially during the monsoon season. About 7 million tourists visit the falls and the Vazhachal picnic spot each year. Not only this but also the spot offers its tourist with jungle safaris and stay homes to enjoy the scenic beauty. The falls has also been featured in many Malayalam movies. And most importantly the destination is well routed by nearby railways and roadways. So there’s no chance of you getting lost in the wild.

5.Hogenakkal Falls, Twin Share Between Tamil Nadu & Karnataka

Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal Falls is one among the Top 5 Unrealistic Waterfalls. This is a waterfall in South India on the Kaveri river sharing the border between Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu and Chamrajnagar district of Karnataka. It is sometimes referred to as the second “Niagara Falls of India”. It is known for its bathing areas and hired boat rides and as a major tourist attraction. Carbonatite rocks in this site are believed to be the oldest of its kind in South Asia and one of the oldest in the world. The spot is well known for its boating during the dry season as the water level remains calm and constant. A unique kind of boats are used which are commonly known as coracles. These are made up of bamboo and the bottom part  of the boats are made waterproof by the use of hides. These boats are steered and propelled using a single paddle, making them stand out. The coracles are locally called parisal in Tamil and teppa or harigolu in Kannada. So pack up your bags and visit this heaven on Earth.

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