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5 Best Mountains To visit For Picture Perfect Vacation

Nothing compares to the amazing views that can be seen from the top of a mountain. This is something that all mountain enthusiasts will agree on! There are many mountain locations in India that are picture-perfect and will provide you with Insta-worthy photos. India has some of the best mountain spots to explore, whether you want to photograph stunning mountain views or ones with you in them. You may have to walk or hike for a bit to get there, but it will be well worth the effort.

The list of mountainous areas in India is vast, stretching from Kerala to Uttarakhand. Many mountain ranges in the country do not require you to hike all the way to the top. To get to the summit, you can take local transportation such as an auto, a car, or a cable car. Take a look at some of India’s 5 Best Mountains To visit For Picture Perfect Vacation.

Munnar, Kerala

5 Best Mountains To visit

Munnar is well-known for its tea plantations and is one of the country’s most popular hill stations. There are numerous reasons why you should visit Munnar at least once in your life, including adventure activities, waterfalls, and wildlife sanctuaries. It is without a doubt one of 5 Best Mountains To visit. Munnar has something spectacular in store for all of its visitors, whether they are travelling with friends, family, a partner, or on their alone. Munnar is one of the reasons Kerala is known as God’s Own Country. The number of activities to do in Munnar is endless. You may go rock climbing, explore tea plantation estates, see and practise kalaripayattu, relax with a restorative massage, go camping, and so on.

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Coorg, Karnataka

5 Best Mountains To visit

If you’re searching for an enjoyable mountain getaway, Coorg is a must-visit. Although it was once renowned as the ideal honeymoon resort, it has since gained a reputation for attracting a diverse range of visitors. It has posh resorts, hostels, cosy homestays, and other tourist attractions. When you arrive at Coorg, the hill station has a very lovely vibe to it, and you will immediately feel at ease. You can simply relax in a cafe near your hotel room window and read a book while sipping coffee. You can also sample the local brews, as Coorg is noted for its tea and coffee plantations.

Auli, Uttarakhand

5 Best Mountains To visit

Auli is a hill station in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district, including a notable Himalayan ski resort. It is surrounded by the Nar Parvat and Nanda Devi mountains, the latter of which is the country’s second highest peak. Auli is one of India’s most well-known mountain destinations, and one of the few that offers skiing. If you visit Auli in the winter, you can try your hand at skiing and snowboarding.

You can also take a cable car ride from the Nar Parvat or Nanda Devi mountains. While in Auli, indulge your Bollywood fancies by filming short videos recreating some of the most iconic songs recorded in the snow. Auli is, without a doubt, the ideal backdrop for your vacation photos on social media!

Kanchenjunga Mountains, Sikkim

5 Best Mountains To visit

The traveller in you would be satisfied just by visiting Sikkim. Mount Kanchenjunga is one of the 5 Best Mountains To visit for those who love mountain climbing. It is the world’s third tallest peak, at 8586 metres, and features a variety of trekking routes and difficulty levels. Animals such as the musk deer, snow leopard, red panda, endangered Himalayan thar, and Himalayan blue sheep call it home. On your journey, you’ll pass through deep woodlands. The view from every vantage point on this mountain is stunning, and it’s ideal for taking a lot of photos. The region’s mobile networks may be spotty, making it an ideal location for a digital detox!

Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

5 Best Mountains To visit

Coonoor is the second largest hill station in the Nilgiri hills, known for its diverse bird and wildflower populations. It is a mountain destination that you must see. It is bordered by tea plantations and gorgeous green mountains. It’s the ideal location for a relaxing trip or journey. If you plan your trip for the proper time of year, you’ll be able to make the most of it. Because the hill station is surrounded by mountains, all of the tourist attractions will have a spectacular backdrop. It’s also a great spot for camping.

There are numerous mountain ranges to select from in India. We hope this list was helpful in planning your next mountain getaway.

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