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Places To Visit In Koraput

Koraput was established on April 1, 1936, in a lush green valley surrounded by perfect freshness. The District, which is surrounded by forests, waterfalls, terraced valleys, and darting springs, attracts environment lovers. Koraput is located between 17.4 and 20.7 degrees north latitude and 81.24 and 84.2 degrees east longitude. The Koraput is defined by Rayagada in the east, Bastar District in Chhattisgarh in the west, and Nabarangpur District in the south.

Several dynasties governed Koraput, including the Satavahanas, Ikshvakus, Nalas, Ganga rulers, and Surya van kings. The Nalas dominated this region in ancient times, with Pushkari, near modern-day Umarkote, serving as their capital. Nandapur grew as a capital throughout the mediaeval period, first under the Silavamsi monarchs and then under the solar dynasty kings. Around the middle of the 17th century, the solar dynasty’s Viravikrama Deo relocated his capital to Jeypore, which became a prosperous town.

It was formerly part of the Madras Presidency and became an Odisha district on April 1, 1936. The former Koraput district was partitioned in October 1992, resulting in the formation of Malkangiri, Rayagada, and Nabarangpur districts, and the current Koraput district.

Below is the list of places to visit in Koraput

Jagannath Temple

Places To Visit In Koraput

The Jagannath temple, also known as Sabara Srikhetra after the Sabara tribe that built it, is Koraput’s principal attraction and one of the best Places To Visit In Koraput. The 22 stairs from the entry to the main door, the “Avada” (prasad) selling centre known as Ananda Bazar, Swarga Dwara, and the many lesser temples dotting the huge site are all identical replicas of the Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri. The attractive and well-kept garden in and surrounding the temple is ideal for a leisurely stroll or simply sitting in search of spiritual serenity.

Gupteswar Temple

Places To Visit In Koraput

Gupteswar is a cave temple located 80 kilometres from Koraput on the banks of the Kolab River. Lord Shiva’s cave sanctuary is located on a limestone hill amidst beautiful beauty. Gupteswar, which literally means “hidden God,” is a revered Swayambhu Shivling housed in the temple.

Tribal Museum

Places To Visit In Koraput

The Koraput Tribal Museum was established to conserve local tribes’ cultural heritage as well as to promote their arts, crafts, dances, and music. The museum houses a stunning collection of stone sculptures, weapons, utensils, clothing, decorations, wooden objects, paintings, rare artefacts, and textiles, among other things, making it a wealth of information about Odisha’s rich cultural past. The exhibits are a testament to tribe traditional values, and their artistic, musical, and martial abilities.


Places To Visit In Koraput

Sunabeda is a town in Odisha, India, that is situated in the Koraput region’s valleys. The area is known for its lush valleys, which draw visitors to its natural beauty. In addition, an Aero-Engine Factory has been developed here. Travelling to Sunabeda on national highway 43, which passes through the mountains, is an unforgettable experience.

The area is known for its lush valleys, which draw visitors to its natural beauty. In addition, an Aero-Engine Factory has been developed here. Travelling to Sunabeda on national highway 43, which passes through the mountains, is an unforgettable experience.

Duduma Waterfalls

Places To Visit In Koraput

Duduma waterfall, with its 175-meter-high single fall cascade, rips through the Eastern Ghats’ craggy rocks and the dark green deciduous forest that blankets the region. It produces an amazing image amidst the rustic greenery on the Andhra Pradesh-Odisha border. It’s not the typical tourist attraction in Odisha, but the state’s natural beauty extends beyond its beaches and temples. Duduma waterfall, located around 70 kilometres from Jeypore, draws those who enjoy nature and wish to go beyond the normal tourist trappings.

The waterfall, which originates from the pilgrimage site Matsya Kunda near Paderu in Andhra Pradesh and shares its name with the local community, breaks into a billion white crystals 574 feet below the ground. Especially during and after the monsoon, the magnificence is on full show. There is also a hydel power project plant and a traditional dam to facilitate it, in addition to the beautiful waterfall. You can visit the powerhouse with permission from the authorities and get a firsthand look at how this alternative form of energy is developed.

Jeypore palace

Places To Visit In Koraput Places To Visit In Koraput

This Raj Mahal is an architectural marvel located on Sardar Patel Road. Because of the government’s ignorance and the general public’s unwillingness, this area needs immediate attention to be redeveloped.


Places To Visit In Koraput

It’s a community famous for its copper plates. A 30-foot-high Jain temple houses 05 images of Tirthankaras: Resavanath, Mahavir Jain, Ambika Devi, Jakhya, and Jakhyani. The images are chiselled with great care and achieve a high level of art, indicating that the Kechela was a centre of Jainism during the Middle Ages.


Places To Visit In Koraput

Deomali, Odisha’s tallest mountain peak, is 1762 metres high and nestled in the Eastern Ghats, making it perfect for Aero Gliding and hiking trips.

Kolab Hydro Electric power reservoir and Botanical Garden

Places To Visit In Koraput

The Kolab reservoir, which generates hydroelectric power, is a popular and enjoyable picnic area at 3000 feet above sea level. Also nearby is the Kolab Botanical Garden, which has over 200 different flower kinds.

This area offers a breathtaking view at night. Tourists are kept interested in the region by boating activities.

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