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10 Best Mountains In Nepal That Will Take Your Breath Away

Nepal is a landlocked country in Asia’s southern region. It is primarily in the Himalayas, but it also contains parts of the Indo Gangetic Plain. Nepal is home to eight of the world’s highest mountains, including Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. Mountain climbers who are serious about their sport are always on the lookout for the best peaks to climb.

10 Best Mountains In Nepal

Tourists are drawn to Nepal for a variety of reasons. The mountains in this country are one of the most important ones. Some people enjoy being lost in the white snow on the peaks and living an exciting life by figuring out how to get back to civilization; for them, the Nepal mountains are the perfect alternative. Below are the list of 10 Best Mountains In Nepal that you can’t afford to miss.

Mount Kanchenjunga

10 Best Mountains In Nepal

Mount Kanchenjunga, the world’s third highest peak, is known as “the five treasures of the snow” because of its five conspicuous mountains. This mountain range, which is located in Taplejung District, is 8,586 metres above sea level. The Northern Kanchenjunga Himalayan range includes this peak. Trekking is uncommon in this mountain region, which makes it all the more intriguing to try. The imposing mountain of Kanchenjunga is so high that trekking to its base camp is quite an adventure that keeps the adrenaline pumping. Nature’s beauty has a heavenly quality to it. The best months to visit are mid-March to mid-June and mid-September to mid-October.

Elevation: 8,586 m

Mount Makalu

10 Best Mountains In Nepal

This mountain resembles a four-sided snow and ice pyramid. It is named after Lord Shiva, a Hindu god. It’s also famous for its enormous size and is considered as one of the 10 Best Mountains In Nepal. It’s also regarded as one of the most challenging summits to scale. It is the ideal location for anyone seeking thrills and adventures. This summit has the most perilous rocks and twists, making it the most interesting to climb. The best time to visit this place is once again in the spring. This mountain range is one of the greatest to climb in Nepal.

Elevation: 8,481 m

Mount Manaslu

10 Best Mountains In Nepal

Many saints and gurus can be found chanting and meditating on this mountain range, which is also known as the mountain of spirits and intelligence. Because this location is quite peaceful and blocked in many areas, it is not frequently visited by people. This location is ideal for trekkers who are new to the sport.

Elevation: 8,156 m

The Mount Everest

10 Best Mountains In Nepal

Mount Everest is, without a doubt, the tallest mountain in Nepal and the globe. It is located in Solukhumbu District, part of the Khumbu Mahalangur Himalaya Range, and is at an elevation of 8,848 metres above sea level. It is one of Nepal’s most famous mountains, known for its height and beauty. It is also known as “Sagarmatha” in Nepali, which means “sky’s head.” Nepal’s Everest region is the most popular trekking destination in the country.

The magnificence of Nepal’s Mount Everest slopes, both in terms of flora and fauna, never ceases to surprise trekkers. Mount Everest’s summit pierces the stratosphere, exposing it to the jet stream, where the winds are very cold. Climbing Mount Everest for some individuals is the ultimate salvation because of the beauty of the snow. Mid-September to May, which coincides with the end of the monsoon season, is the greatest time to visit Mount Everest.

Elevation: 8,848 m


10 Best Mountains In Nepal

Lhotse is the world’s fourth highest mountain and one of 10 Best Mountains In Nepal . It is the ideal option to Mount Everest because the route is nearly same. It is also known as “a wall of glacial blue ice” and is considered one of the world’s most romantic peaks. The splendour of this place has been described as ‘Hollywood-like, exhilarating and yet hypnotic’ by poets. The greatest time to see this spectacular peak is in the spring.

Elevation: 8,516 m

Mount Cho Oyu

10 Best Mountains In Nepal

The natural border between China and Nepal is marked by Mount Cho Oyu. Mount Cho Oyu is named for a turquoise goddess. It gets its name from its cerulean tincture. According to Tibetan folklore, the Bald God Cho Oyu turned his back on Chomolungma, Mount Everest’s Mother Goddess, after she refused his marriage proposal. Because it is just 8000 metres high, it is the easiest peak to climb. The caravans of mules in the beautiful snow exemplify the splendour of this location. If you’re new to mountain climbing, here is the greatest place to start.

Elevation: 8,201 m


10 Best Mountains In Nepal

Dhaulagiri is the world’s seventh highest mountain, and its name is derived from the Sanskrit words “Dhwala” and “Giri,” which mean “dazzling, white, and lovely” and “mountain,” respectively. When hikers visit Nepal’s mountains, people describe them as “paradise on earth.” Because only a few people visit this mountain range, it provides a fantastic option for those seeking a less-crowded trekking experience. The ridges offer the best and most beautiful views of the surrounding area. Because of its climate, this area has a lot of life. The best time to visit this location is from June to mid-July.

Elevation: 8,167 m

Annapurna I

10 Best Mountains In Nepal

The name Annapurna comes from the Sanskrit word Annapurna, which meaning “Full of Food.” The Hindu goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Fortune and Wealth, is commonly associated with the mountain. This location is stunning. Tourists flock to this region of Nepal because of the snow and gorgeous mountain ranges. The mountain ranges appear to be so wonderfully crafted that no one can resist taking images of the Nepal Himalayas.

Elevation: 8,091 m

Annapurna II

10 Best Mountains In Nepal

This mountain range is noted for its steep and treacherous slopes, making trekking over it a herculean task. This mountain range is less trafficked, although every year some other hikers attempt to conquer it. You may not only see gorgeous and grand mountain ranges, but the people who live here are also quite humble and kind-hearted. The scale of the mountain counts while planning a trekking adventure. Come to Nepal if you want to climb gigantic mountains and have the best experience of your life.

Elevation: 7,937 m

Gyachung Kang

10 Best Mountains In Nepal

This mountain is located in Khumbu and stands at a height of 7,957 metres. The Mahalangur Himalayan range includes this peak. Gyachung Kang’s severely glaciated peak is this mountain. This mountain is covered in pine trees, which seem particularly lovely when the tips of the trees are snow-covered.

Elevation: 7,952 m

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