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10 Scuba Diving Spots In Andaman Islands

Prepare to explore and comprehend the enigmatic aquatic environment and its vibrant inhabitants during your Andaman trip. Here are the list of Best 10 Scuba Diving Spots In Andaman Islands. There are plenty options for everyone, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert.

1. Lighthouse – Experience Night Diving

10 Scuba Diving Spots In Andaman Islands

Lighthouse is a major diving location that welcomes all types of divers. For PADI/SSI certified divers, however, the spot is well-known for night diving. You’ll see a variety of hard and soft corals, as well as unique water creatures such Humpback Parrotfish, Octopus, Fusiliers, Lobsters, and Lionfish, on this adventure. With all of this, the lighthouse is one of the top places in Andaman for scuba diving.
Depth-6-18 meters

2.Mac Point – Swim With The Dugongs

10 Scuba Diving Spots In Andaman Islands
Mac Point is considered as the greatest scuba diving destination in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, owing to the presence of Dugongs and rocky hard corals, which add to the splendor of this underwater paradise. Typically, this Sirenian tusked mammal can be found in Australia and Eastern Africa. It is one of the must-see destinations in Andaman for the best scuba diving and other water-based activities.
Depth: 10-14 meters
Suitable for: All

3.Seduction Point – The Rock With Staghorn Corals

10 Scuba Diving Spots In Andaman Islands
The Seduction Point is a large rocky outcropping teeming with a diverse array of marine life. Staghorn corals, which are home to Napoleons and other marine animals, can be found in abundance. You must visit this spot and attempt diving to get the most out of your scuba diving experience in the Andaman Islands. It is suitable for both novice and experienced divers.
Depth: 6-18 meters
Suitable for: Intermediate and expert divers

4.Junction – Adventure For Experts

10 Scuba Diving Spots In Andaman Islands
Junction, located halfway between Neil and Havelock Islands, is a diving paradise for anyone looking for a little adventure. There are a lot of soft corals here, and they’re all surrounded by Lionfish. Marlin, trevally, and barracudas, as well as reef sharks, have been sighted. This diving area has a strong current, making it unsuitable for beginners, as well as the presence of deadly species such as Reef Sharks.
Depth: 22-30 meters
Suitable for: Intermediate and experts

5.North Point, Cinque Island – Among The Clearest Waters In The World

10 Scuba Diving Spots In Andaman Islands
This is one of the  best 10 Scuba Diving Spots In Andaman Islands and Nicobar Island, with visibility up to 80 feet. Divers will love this spot because of the wide variety of fish species and plenty of sponges and small corals. In reality, there’s a plethora of marine life in the area, including black corals and sharks.
Suitable for: Experts

6.Barracuda City – Meet The Sea Turtles

10 Scuba Diving Spots In Andaman Islands
Barracuda City is yet another unexplored scuba diving spot in the Andaman. It is one among the Andaman’s deep diving locations, with a depth of 25-30 metres beneath the Andaman Sea. Swim with the turtles and discover the deep mysteries of a marine wonderland while spotting gorgeous corals and a variety of species such as Blue Spotted Stingrays, Coralfish, and Surgeonfish. The attraction of this location is the opportunity to get up close and personal with the magnificent sea turtles.
Depth: 25-30 meters
Suitable for: Intermediate and expert divers

7. Aquarium – A Beginner’s Paradise

10 Scuba Diving Spots In Andaman Islands

Aquarium is a fringing reef location with predominantly hard corals strewn throughout where you can feast your eyes on colorful schools of fish. It is situated southwest of Havelock, and the currents are usually gentle and predictable. For first-timers, the contained water within the coral ring, where currents can be forecast, makes it a considerably safer experience. For both novice and experienced divers, the location is one of the top scuba diving spots in Andaman.
Depth: 10-12 meters
Suitable for: Beginners

8.Margherita’s Mischief – Myriad Shades Of Life Underwater

10 Scuba Diving Spots In Andaman Islands
Margherita’s Mischief isn’t quite a mischief because it has a gentle stream. It is, in reality, a quiet diving area with crystal clear water and boulders on soft beach, ideal for scuba diving in Andaman. A large diversity of spectacular marine life can be seen in the area. Dugongs, as well as Batfish, Pufferfish, Blue-spotted stingrays, Angelfish, Soldierfish, and Yellow Snappers, are frequently seen here.
Depth: 7-16 meters
Suitable for: All

9.Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Jolly Buoy

10 Scuba Diving Spots In Andaman Islands
Jolly Buoy, a fairly lonely and deserted island in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, is a scuba diver’s paradise. In the turquoise waters of Jolly Buoy, discover the most fascinating and colourful underwater life. Those who are afraid of going underwater might take a glass bottom boat and enjoy the pristine waters’ views.

10.Bus Stop – A Sloping Seabed With Small Reefs

On the western edges of the Neil Islands, this gently sloping seabed can be found. Bus Stop has a sand bottom with minor reefs, making it ideal for a thrilling diving adventure. The bus stop is one of the best 10 Scuba Diving Spots In Andaman Islands, and you must visit it soon!
Depth: 14-20 meters
Suitable for: All

Tips For Scuba Diving In Andaman Islands
-If you’re a beginner, pick a location that’s near a beach and has trainers available.
-Carry your diving suit and equipment.
-Protect your hair by tying it up and wearing a cap.
-Make a scuba diving reservation with a reputable company.
-Keep your cool and don’t freak out.
-If you have any health concerns, speak with your trainer before beginning the activity.

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