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5 Popular Beaches In Visakhapatnam -That you can never miss

The beaches at Vizag and Vishakapatnam, which are located along the Coromandel Coast, feature turquoise waters, rich flora, and smooth sands. Every year, thousands of tourists go to Gangavaram Beach and Ramakrishna Beach, while the tranquility of Yarada Beach and Lawson’s Bay is ideal for clearing your mind and letting the water wash away your troubles. Because of the rugged terrain and heavy waves, swimming at these beaches during high tide is not recommended.
Here we have brought you a list of 5 popular beaches in Visakhapatnam that can blow you with all the scenic view you ever wanted.

1. Yarada Beach

5 Popular Beaches In Visakhapatnam

The Yarada beach in Vizag is close to Dolphin’s Nose and is a peaceful place to relax by the waves, sip soft coconut water, and play in the sea on occasion. This Vizag private beach is ideal for a romantic escape. It is 16 Km away from the city so you can either drive to the city or can hire a public transport. Because the possibilities here are limited, you should bring food with you. It is a private beach with an entry fees of Rs 30.

2.Gangavaram Beach

5 Popular Beaches In Visakhapatnam

Gangavaram Beach, one of Visakhapatnam’s most beautiful beaches, is bordered with palm trees and picture-perfect settings, attracting many film and television series producers. This Vizag beach is famed for its smooth sands and pleasant wind, and it’s a great place to visit for a day trip from Vizag. It is 35 Km away from the city and is ideal for picnics and beach games.

3. Sagar Nagar Beach

5 Popular Beaches In Visakhapatnam

Sagar Nagar beach is located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, in the picturesque neighborhood of Sagar Nagar in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The beach is famed for its golden sands, mesmerizing sunsets, and complete serenity, all without the commercial throngs or pollution that comes with tourism. It is 23 Kms away from the city center and is ideal for paragliding and beach picnic.

4. Bheemili Beach

5 Popular Beaches In Visakhapatnam

Bheemunipatnam Beach is a long, picturesque, and pristine beach located at the confluence of the Gosthani River and the Bay of Bengal. It also has the ruins of a 17th-century fort and cemetery, revealing history from the Dutch period. Near the shore, there are numerous lodging possibilities. Swimming in this beautiful beach is not allowed because of the high tide condition. It is located 44 kms north from the city center. Boating is one of the fun activity that you can do in this beach.

5. Rishikonda Beach

5 Popular Beaches In Visakhapatnam

Rishikonda Beach is one of Vizag’s cleanest beaches and one of the 5 Popular Beaches In Visakhapatnam, located along the Bay of Bengal’s shore. It is noted for its fascinating landscape, which is set in the middle of lush forest near to the shoreline. Water sports enthusiasts go to the shore. Several neighboring sights, such as the Submarine Museum, can also be explored while you’re here. Things you can do in this beach includes Scuba Diving, Kayaking and Snorkeling. It is 31 Kms from the city.

You can’t miss out the 5 popular beaches in Visakhapatnam where you are there.

If you have already visited any of these, let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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